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Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test is one of the most effective methods of determine the levels of toxic minerals in your body.

It is recommend by Nutritional Medicine Practitioners world wide.

Dr Michael Sichel in his book Mercury, Medicine and Politics discusses HTMA and how he used the hair analysis as a baseline whilst treating the Alphabet Kids.

HTMA is a safe and non-invasive pathology test.

If you are looking to do a HTMA by yourself we would recommend InterClinicial Laboratories who will test for the following minerals:
Nutritional minerals Toxic minerals Additional minerals
Zinc Aluminium
Antimony *
Uranium Barium

*On request. Extra fee applies.

InterClinical offer two reports: results only or interpretative. We would certainly recommend interpretative which will provide you with a detailed report along with recommendations.

InterClinical will recommend their vitamin and mineral products. You can also purchase high quality vitamin and mineral products at your health food store and we would recommend asking for the practitioner’s range.

Doctor’s Data is a testing laboratory in the United States, used and reference by Dr Michael Sichel in his books. Your health practitioner will need to have an account set up for you to use Doctor’s Data.

Footsies Detox Foot Pads are used for different reasons.

General Cleanse Program

If you are doing a general cleanse we recommend every night for a month and then progressing to a maintenance program of once or twice a week.

Removing Heavy Metals Program

If you have an analysis (see How do I know how toxic I am?) which has revealed heavy metals in your body we recommend every night for 3 months and then get retested.

With both the general cleanse and the heavy metals program always listen to your body.

Take it easy and if you experience any healing crisis (see Am I experiencing a healing crisis) use the patches every second or third night.

A healing crisis is when you feel worse before you feel better.

When you start a cleansing or natural health program it is possible you will experiencing discomfort.

It generally lasts around 48 hours and, although not nice, you will feel better after it.

If your symptoms are severe there are ways you can manage this (see posting)

You can wear the detox patches on both feet at the same time with the foot patches working best whilst you sleep.

If you experience any healing crisis symptoms we recommend you go slow and use the patches every second or third night.

As you start your detox journey the toxins which are in your body will start to be released from your blood stream and leave the body.

Some people doing a detox will feel great the very next day.  Some it will take a bit longer and unfortunately for a small percentage they will experience what is known as a healing crisis.  The healing crisis can be due to the toxins being released too quickly and the body feeling a little yuck from it all.

The great thing about the Footsies Detox Foot Pads is the program is so flexible it can be tailored to your needs.

More on how to use the Footsies Detox Foot Pads can be found here…

Using Footsies Detox Foot Pads

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body.

Whilst the body has toxin removal systems in place the world we live in is so very different from, not just our grandparents, but also our parents.

Footsies Detox Foot Pads is one of the best detox programs and the easiest to use.  You put them on your feet at night and take them off in the morning.

More can be found on how to use detox foot patch from this page…

How to use detox foot pads