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We understand when purchasing any product how important it is to know exactly what it is you are purchasing.

And this is why we provide all the ingredients in our patches …

So you can make an informed decision when selecting your detox foot patches.

Nothing to Hide

Nothing to fear … high quality Japanese Detox Foot Patches

Don’t waste your money … only use detoxification patch made from patented natural ingredients.

Preservative Free

All Natural Sporopollenin

Natural sporopollenin is very effective for the removal of toxins, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals.

Sporopollenin is made up of a major component of the tough outer (exine) walls of spores and pollen grains.

The ingredient is a very significant discovery for its reputed pain relieving properties.

Natural Bamboo and Wood vinegar

All natural wood and bamboo vinegar an active ingredient to assist with drawing down the toxins.

The acetic and formic acids in vinegar are mild compounds with properties which facilitate the detoxification process and improve the circulatory system

Assist you to detox quicker and safer.

Natural Tourmaline

Ever wonder why cats enjoy lying in the winter sun or a walk down the beach feels so good?

It is all due to far infrared rays and negative ions.

This is where tourmaline comes into play and is so effective..

With Tourmaline emitting the highest amount of far infrared rays and negative ions you can ensure your body is supported and remains calm whilst the toxins are being removed.

Chitosan Mushrooms

To ensure toxins are being removed the natural mushroom chitosan is a binder for the toxins.

Chitosan will isolate the toxins and dispelling it out of the body safely.

Sleep easy knowing chitosan products are also used extensively by the medical profession due to their remarkable ability to promote wound healing, such as burns and skin inflammation.

Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Patches HypoAllergenic


A simple formula created for our users who suffer from extra allegies to many products

Perfect For Sensitive Users

No matter what your allergies are this is the foot patch for you.


Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Tranquility


Emiting far infrared heat whilst detoxing promoting calmness.

Created for users with pre-existing illnesses

Perfect for users with pre-existing illnesses.


Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Xtra


Looking for a strong detox? Xtra is the patch and is one of the best selling foot patch

Original and best selling detox foot patch

Perfect for users with pre-existing illnesses.


Reveal Ingredients
Reveal Ingredients
Reveal Ingredients
Freshly made each month

Highest quality foot patches manufactured by a Japanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Wood and Bamboo Vinegar

Loquat Leaf



26 Years of Japanese Tradition & Experience

100% Preservative Free

100% All Natural and Safe Ingredients

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