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Toxins that Indian kids are living with…

A recent report by UNICEF have found that millions of Indian children are living with lead poisoning. Lead poisoning and metal toxicity comes with many life-threatening health consequences.  Some of the issues can be delayed developmental milestones, low IQ, brain and neurological damage among others. Some of the worst heavy metal offenders include arsenic, mercury [...]

Types of Plastic Toxins to Avoid

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have announced it plans to control a group of toxic chemicals found in Americans’ drinking water. The catch.... the EPA won't be setting the limits until later this year. Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Thursday said the agency planned short- and long-term steps to help states exposed to a class [...]

Food combinations making you toxic?

Most mornings, especially during winter, I will have porridge with milk and banana. I then pat myself on the back for being so health as I start my day. Little did I know, according to Ayurveda, that my milk and banana combination could be causing havoc on my system by diminishing digestive fire and producing toxins. [...]