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Japanese Detox Foot Patches

Unleash the Power of Footsies … BECAUSE You Deserve a Healthier You

Footsies: #1 Selling Detox Foot Pad in Japan

With over 2,000,000+ sold in Australia and counting, Footsies are the most complete and trusted detox patches on the market.

Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Patches HypoAllergenic


A simple formula created for our users who suffer from extra allergies

Perfect For Sensitive Users

No matter your allergies this is the foot patch for you.


Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Xtra


Original and Best Selling Foot Patch. Looking for a strong detox program.

Our Original Foot Patch

Footsies Original and Best Selling Foot Patch.
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Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Tranquility


Contains over 70% of tourmaline. Emits far infrared heat promoting calmness.

Created for users with pre-existing illnesses

A mineral emitting far infrared heat, soothing your body whilst it is detoxing.
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An Easy Detox, What More Could You Want!



How can we meet the demands of our busy life and feel our best?

We were promised technology would making our lives easier, simpler, more time for ourselves.

Instead we got bigger screens, more things to do and a bucket load of stress.

To keep up, we order take away food,  alcohol, and buckets of coffee.


The Easiest Detox, made to fit your daily routine

Japanese Detox Foot Patches, most laboratory researched foot patches in the World.

Our mission is to clean the world of the toxins and chemicals we have put into our bodies.

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User Reviews

I bought a Footsies Detox Patches and I am impressed. I had a great night’s sleep and the rubbish that was on the foot patch in the morning was amazing.

Jo Briggs

Awesome and I don’t know any word which is bigger than extraordinary! Footsies are superb and sooo easy to use.  I just put them on at night and took them off in the morning.  I had a great night’s sleep.


I have tried many products to detox and Footsies are definitely the easiest.   I will be sticking with Footsies for quite some time!