Putting your health at risk by using inferior cheap Chinese products? A report, published by Basil Roufogalis Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, states the issues with the safety and quality of Chinese herbal medicines include toxic herbs, contamination with heavy metals, microbial organisms, and other contaminants, deliberate combination or adulteration with pharmaceutical drugs.

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Footsies Detox Foot Patches have been available since 2006 with over 2.5 million patches sold worldwide.

We have worked closely with leading practitioners who developed a chelation protocol using Footsies Detox Foot Patches to remove heavy metals from children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD, ADD).

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In Western medicine alternative therapies have long been frowned upon by the medical profession; yet despite that fact it is gaining recognition from the thousands of ordinary people around the world as they turn away from ‘traditional’ medications to look for a healer with more natural ways of curing ailments.

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Tranquility Containing 70% tourmaline. Great for those with pre-existing conditions

Stimulate / Xtra Our legendary patches, containing red pepper a great all round useful foot patch.

HypoAllergenic Free of chitosan. Great for vegans and those with allergies to shellfish

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