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Japanese Detox Foot Patches

Footsies Detox Patches Gives You Power To Detox Whilst You Sleep

Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Patches HypoAllergenic


A simple formula created for our users who suffer from extra allergies to many products

Perfect For Sensitive Users

No matter your allergies this is the foot patch for you.

Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Xtra


Footsies Original and Best Selling Foot Patch. Great for users look for a strong detox program.

Our Original Foot Patch

Footsies Original and Best Selling Foot Patch.

Footsies-Japanese Detox Foot Pads Tranquility


Containing over 70% of tourmaline. Emitting far infrared heat promoting calmness.

Created for users with pre-existing illnesses

A mineral emitting far infrared heat, soothing your body whilst it is detoxing.

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User Reviews

I bought a Footsies Detox Patches and I am impressed. I had a great night’s sleep and the rubbish that was on the foot patch in the morning was amazing.

Jo Briggs

Awesome and I don’t know any word which is bigger than extraordinary! Footsies are superb and sooo easy to use.  I just put them on at night and took them off in the morning.  I had a great night’s sleep.


I have tried many products to detox and Footsies are definitely the easiest.   I will be sticking with Footsies for quite some time!


Easy Detox, What More Could You Want!

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