Japanese Foot Detox Pads

Detoxing Whilst You Sleep....

No Diets!  No Vitamins!  No Herbs!  Just sleep....

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Join thousands of people who rely on Footsies to remove toxins accumulated from every day living.

Migraines?  Fatty Liver?
Health Problems?

Foot detox patches enables you to target your specific areas of concern.

Simply placing the patches on the corresponding foot reflexology map.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Detox

Heavy metals interfere with body functions and can result in fatigue, headaches, depression, diminished memory and lead to degenerative diseases.

Foot detox patches remove heavy metals from your system through the daily use of detox foot pads.

How do foot detox pads work?

White as you place them on.

Dark, smelly and saturated in the morning.

You did ask!

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"...I use to spend thousands at health farms and spas.  Now I just put Footsies on and go to sleep.  Waking up ready to take on the day."

Belinda Grove, NY