Japanese Foot Detox Pads
Detoxing Whilst You Sleep..

No Diets!  No Vitamins!  No Herbs!  Just sleep....

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How do I use them?

Footsies Detox Foot Pads are best used at night and placed on your feet just before going to bed.

Keep the Detox Foot Pads on for at least 7 hours for maximum benefit.

By morning, the patches will have  changed colour from their original white to grey, brown or black (depending on the toxins in your body).  They will have become damp and have a peculiar smell – this is normal.

How do Foot Pads Work?

The foot pads work by referencing the reflexology points on your feet and drawing down toxins from these areas.

Can anyone use detox foot pads?

Yes,  Anyone can use detox foot pads.  People with pre-existing conditions are the users who notice the most difference in their health and well being.

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"...I use to spend thousands at health farms and spas.  Now I just put Footsies on and go to sleep.  Waking up ready to take on the day."

Belinda Grove, NY

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Japanese Detox Foot Patches
Detoxing whilst Asleep..

No Diets!  No Vitamins!  No Herbs!  Just sleep....